Oh, what a night!  The 1969 Band shakes up any party!!!!

The 1969 Band

The 1969 Band

America’s Premier Three-Car Garage Band

“The 1969 Band is not something myself and the rest of the band think of as a vocation.  We think of this as an avocation.  We strive to honor the classic sounds of the late 60’s early 70’s rhythm and soul music scene.  We’re a dance band with real horns, live vocals, and no computer samples.  We honor the music we love, the music that gave us Goosebumps when we heard it on the radio.  Every time we step on stage we want the audience to have that same feeling we had.  That feeling that drove us to the garage, the basement, where ever we could experience that joy, that freedom we called ‘rock and roll’ and ‘sweet soul music.’”

Bart Rollins—bass, vocals, and founding member of the 1969 Band.

The 1969 Band is a nine piece musical group consisting of a four piece horn section, male vocalist, bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums.  The 1969 Band performs music that focuses attention on, but is not limited to, the late 60’s early 70’s musical stylings that include rhythm and blues, soul music and rock and roll.  

Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Average White Band, The Beatles, Sly Stone, James Brown; these are just a few of the names that you’ll find on the set list of a typical 1969 Band performance.  With powerful vocals, dynamic horn arrangements, and solid rhythm section work, the songs of these artists come alive on stage through energetic performance and flawless musical execution.  

1969 Band also performs, at the customer’s request, a number of big band classics and jazz standards. This additional musical facet allows the band to function quite comfortably in many entertainment environments.   From back yard pool parties, to fancy dress balls and corporate functions, the 1969 Band has a song list designed for just such an occasion.

Through the years, The 1969 Band membership has included some of Nashville’s finest road and session musicians  This high standard of musical excellence has resulted in the 1969 Band being utilized as backing musicians for a wide range of performers including country artists Brooks and Dunn and soul sensations Jerry Butler and Clifford Curry, to name a few.

“We aren’t just some band that was thrown together yesterday.  We have studied, and I think, have perfected our craft.  We offer a quality, consistent, entertainment product that will have you tapping your toes and clapping your hands to songs that invoke a joyful party atmosphere,” says The 1969 Band drummer Ray Crabtree.  “If you’re not dancing, I’m not doing my job,” laughs Crabtree, “and I love doing my job.”

The 1969 Band would be happy to discuss your specific entertainment needs.  The 1969 Band understands all to well that trying to be all things to all people can sometimes lead to an inferior overall entertainment product.  The 1969 Band honors the musical traditions they know best, and they do a very good job of honoring that tradition.  Look, list and enjoy The 1969 Band website.  If this music makes you feel special, let us provide you a party plan that will have folks talking for months.  

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